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Brake Pads, EBC for Yamaha T-Max 500i

Sale Price: From $34.99 to $39.99

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EBC Brake Pads for Yamaha T-Max 500i

  • T-Max 500i

EBC SFA Series Organic Scooter Pads
EBC Brakes™ Organic replacement scooter brakes, the SFA series organic range are a great choice for everyday commuter use on modern scooters and lighter motorcycles. SFA pads provide the instantly available stopping power desired for urban scooter brakes.

  • Top selling organic replacement pad.
  • Premium organic compound
  • Can be used to replace organic or sintered
  • Replaces all pad types
  • Low metallic means absolutely NO disc damage
  • Superb finger tip brake power and control
  • Medium plus lifetime, ideal for general urban riding
  • ECO friendly with zero toxic ingredients

EBC SFA HH Series Scooter Sintered Pads
These Double-H™ scooter brake pads have high longevity for aftermarket offerings we have ever sold. SFA HH scooter brake pads target the heavier and faster scooter market.

  • Sintered fast street scooter formula
  • TÜV and ECE R 90 approved
  • Perfect braking wet or dry
  • Zero disc damage, these pads DO NOT damage your rotors
  • Suitable for high speed use and racing on up to the largest scooters

EBC SFAC Series Carbon Scooter Pads
Scooters have evolved over the recent years with models up to 800CC capable of speeds up to 100 Km/hour demanding a rethink on standard scooter Brakes. The EBC new SFAC Carbon series delivers exactly that, a higher pad performance and life for the mid to heavy scooter bike range.

  • Carbon organic compound
  • TÜV and ECE R 90 approved
  • Extends lifetime over standard pads
  • 30% by weight soft copper powder included enhances life but means absolutely NO disc damage
  • Superb finger tip brake power and control
  • Longer lifetime than pure organics, ideal for scooter hire bikes and heavier machines
  • ECO friendly with zero toxic ingredients
  • Absolutely NO disc damage with these pads

EBC SFAV Series Scooter Pads
Heavy duty long life organic material for heavier touring bikes

  • Being a semi-sintered pad containing 30% copper by weight, the V-Pad combines the benefits of the "feel" of an organic pad plus the low heat generation and rotor galling features that organics have with the lifetime of a sintered pad.
  • E391 is an asbestos free, organic-molded friction material designed for use in heavy-duty motorcycle applications.
  • 30% copper by weight added makes this a high copper pad close to sintered durability levels.
  • A medium-high coefficient of friction which retains a highly effective braking performance over a wide range of operating temperatures.
  • This material offers stable braking with minimal pad and rotor wear, and minimal dusting of wheels.
  • Wear rate / Projected street miles: 0.75 grams equivalent to 42,800 miles.
  • Includes two brake pads, enough for one caliper.

Manufacturer: EBC