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"I just bought a Lance Havana 2013 from Scooter Dynasty 2 weeks ago. I originally went in with the intent of buying a Chinese bike. For my commute this may have worked. Vince showed me around a lot of the bikes gave me things to consider. After extensive research and a discussion with the wife, my budget moved up to buy a Tawainese bike instead for reliablity, (and subsequent safety). He never pressured me into buying any type of bike over another, but I did hear him tell someone who had a 25+mi one way commute that he would not recommend a chinese bike for that long of a commute. If you are reading this review, that means you are able to use a computer. Look up Lance scooters and you will find that they used to rebadge chinese bikes, but now they are all SYM bikes. Look up SYM and you'll see they are a quality bike. If you are only consdering Chinese bikes, read more reviews on Chinese bikes and the dealers that only deal in those bikes and you may change your mind. He gave me good advice and answered all of my questions no matter how many I thought up. He was extremely patient and wanted me to be comfortable. All of the paperwork was pretty easy, and the whole experience was more like buying a car. He helped me load my scooter in my truck and secured it (with my tie downs). I am very happy with my bike and hope others give them a chance to earn your business. He is a small family run shop, and I wish him success."

-- John D. of Los Angeles, CA (Lance Havana 125)


"This place is great. I bought a 2013 Lance Cali Classic 125, that is actually a SYM bike. These are not Chinese bikes despite what other reviews might say (SYM is Taiwanese). Customer service was great, and the mechanic was really good - my setup was awesome. This place is fun, close to Silver Lake, Echo Park Gendale etc., and they have some inexpensive but great entry level bikes (including the Wolf Classic 150!). Definitely buying my next bike here."

-- Joey K. of Los Angeles, CA (Lance Cali Classic 125)


"Went in for a part I couldn't find anywhere else. Great service very helpful!"

-- Frank M. of Los Angeles, CA

"I emailed ahead to find out what pricing would be for a valve adjustment, new variator and general tune up for my 150cc Chinese scooter. These guys emailed me back the next day to let me know EXACTLY how much everything would cost. I asked them how long it would take to fix and when I should bring it into the shop and they delivered it fixed ON TIME! You have no idea how much this means to me as I've had back luck with a different downtown scooter mechanic (Scooter Importer -those guys are terrible - I'm not even going to waste my time explaining why - just trust me - DON'T GO THERE!!!) The guy at Scooter Dynasty is the man. He had a thorough knowledge of the problems my bike was experiencing and was able to give me a fast and reasonable fix. Out the door, for a full tune up and to replace my variator/clutch I ended up paying $250. Scooter Dynasty is 100% the place to go if you've got a Chinese scooter. They will definitely be getting repeat business from me. THANK YOU SCOOTER DYNASTY!!!!!! P.S. I dropped it off at 10am on Sunday and it was ready by that afternoon - SO worth your money, don't go anywhere else! " -- Greg H. of Los Angeles, CA

"I don't have enough good things to say about these people. Knowledgeable. They are quick to troubleshoot, leaving you less time to agonize over your potential damage. Down to earth. Vincent knows me by name and my name isnt so hard to remember lol. Honest. Example: There was this one time I had to have my clutch replaced and scoot breaks down again soon thereafter. Well I push it back in, they put me back on the road the same day at no additional charge. Will go out of their way to get you back on the road. They've changed my oil on a few last minute occasions. Also, I am an impatient guy and have never felt like I waited too long to get serviced. I've been taking my bike there for all of my service needs and have no regrets. Actually the only regret I have is not buying my scoot there in the first place. Bottom line is they go the extra mile for their loyal customers and will work hard to win you over as a new customer too. " -- Santigi K. of Los Angeles, CA

"Love Vincent. So chill and honest. Bought and put on my white wall tires for a good price. :) thank you!" -- Ayiiia E. of LA, CA (ZNEN Vintage)

"We bought a scooter for my son this summer, and we are very happy with the price, service, and product. " -- Lance A. of Apple Valley, CA (ZNEN Rowdy)

"I stopped in the other day for an oil change after not having been there in almost 2 years. I told the guy what kind of scooter I had and he remembered my full name. Not just "oh ya I remember you." But my full fricken name on the spot. I was amazed. I felt like a dignitary. Like i had reached some new status in life. Like I was someone who had risen from the depths of Los Angeles street against all odds. Like I had somehow made it in life. I can't promise similar results for you dear fellow Yelper, but it's worth a shot." -- Dave E. of Los Angeles, CA (Genuine Buddy 150)

"This is the only place to really take my scooter for repair and they do a good job for the money. Thanks guys. -- Judas B. of Whittier, CA

"Went here to purchase my scooter, and I could not have asked for a better experience. Everyone working there was happy and extremely helpful. I asked if they could show me the scooter I bought in action, and they took it off the floor and got it running for me within 5 minutes. Helped me with all the necessary paperwork and showed me everything I could possibly ever need to know about scootering and my new machine. I could not have asked for a better experience." -- Keegan A. of San Luis Obispo, CA (SSR Rowdy 150)

"I had a friend take my scooter here for me because I didn't have time to look good places myself - he went on yelp and came across Scooter Dynasty. They truly do live up to their good reviews! I needed a decent amount of work done on my scooter from an accident I got in (it wouldn't start, the carburetor was broken and the brake, mirror and light had all snapped off in the accident) and Vince was really helpful in diagnosing and giving me a deal so I didn't feel like I was getting ripped off. And my scooter works great! They are even open on Sundays - which was amazing because I work really long hours during the week and otherwise wouldn't have time." -- Justin N. of Los Angeles, CA (Lance Milan 150)

"Very good customer service! Nella and Vince were very helpful in guiding me through all the details in getting a scooter, even including what insurance I should buy. I definitely recommend going here for your first scooter experience, they will make it a great one!" -- Chris J. of Los Angeles, CA

"I took my scooter here about a month ago (I waited on writing the review to make sure my scooter continued to work), and they did a GREAT job! Basically, my scooter had stopped working. After sitting in the garage for a year I finally got it out to Scooter Dynasty. Within a couple of days it was up and running again, all for $150. Turns out the dang thing just needed a couple of basic things (like oil change, spark plug, etc). I plan on taking my scooter here in the future for all my maintenance needs. And recommend it for purchasing scooters as well since they also know how to work on Chinese scooters." -- Kristen S. of Glendale, CA (Jonway Adventure)

"Vince and the staff there are awesome! First off, they're extremely courteous and approachable in a way that made me feel very secure about bringing my scooter into their shop in the first place. The first time I walked in about my scooter not wanting to start easily, he immediately know what needed to get done to get the scooter back on the road. I was so impressed that I decided to bring it in for the next scheduled maintenance there a couple weeks after that. Before I brought it in, my scooter was running okay, but it felt like it was lacking the power it was supposed to have in order for me to keep commuting on the 5fwy everyday without getting run over by the faster cars. Vince and his staff knew exactly what to do and even SHOWED me a few things that I should take care of soon. There's something very good to be said about any mechanic shop who will not only tell you that you need to replace something, but will actually show you the part that you need to replace before they do it. Because of this and many other reasons, you can bet that I'm going to make Scooter Dynasty my official scooter shop for any repairs I may have. The gear there is pretty cool too and on a very special note to those people out there with Chinese scooters that need special care like mine, they take care of and have parts for us! Thanks guys! My scooter is running awesomely and even has a nice and even growl to it now!" -- Tony R. of Burbank, CA (VOG260 Linhai)

"These people are amazing. I love my vintage Lance scooter and wish I had found these guys sooner. They are extremely knowledgeable, could diagnose what was up with my scooter almost instantly, got back to me with the specifics in 2 days along with a quote and promised to have it ready to be picked up in a day or two. On top of it all their customer service is exceptional and make you feel like you are their top priority. Big props to Vince, his super sweet wife and all their hard working staff in the garage. Save your time and money and just go see these guys if your scooter needs anything done." -- Patricia N. of Venice, CA (Lance Vintage)

"Scooter sales and service. Could not find anyone else in town to work on my Motobravo. They are fast, affordable and great service." -- Paris M. of LA (Motobravo Phantom)

"Vincent, my thanks go to you and your mechanic for putting my motorized bicycle in the best condition it has been in for a long time. Though you charged me $65, it would have been cheap at twice the price. The fact that you service Chinese machines makes you the only one to do so in the entire city of Los Angeles, as far as I know. Thanks again! I look forward to future transactions with you." -- Jeff S. of Los Angeles, CA (Tomos 50 2T)

"I purchased my scooter about 3 months ago and it has been a great experience thanks to Scooter Dynasty!! Nella and Vince were very attentive and helpful when I first came in to chose the scooter, and also guided me through the process of registration and recommended me the insurance company as well. When my stand broke, they suggested a place where I could get the welding done and quickly put back the spring after that. They always seem busy with many customers coming back, but they never keep you waiting! I also really liked the mechanics that worked there because they were honest and kind. I love my scooter and getting around the city has been so easy since I got it!! I recommended this place to many of my friends already and I would do the same to people on Yelp :D" -- Sako I. of Los Angeles, CA (BMS Heritage 150)

"I had a great experience at Scooter Dynasty! I came in to check out scooters and Nella was very helpful in answering all of my questions. I came back the next day to purchase one. When I called the next day to let them know I was coming in to get one Vince was very helpful and explained it may take a few hours to prep the scooter. By the time I got there they had it all set up ready to take me through the paces of all the bells and whistles. After the paperwork which took very little time! He directed me to the big parking lot next door for me to practice. After about 10 minutes I was ready to go! I love my scooter :) I ended up getting the mint green and white one and I've already gotten so many compliments. Loved that they were so close to the blue line Pico stop also!" -- Jennifer D. of Los Angeles, CA (Lance Venice)

"I was looking into purchasing a scooter, I found Scooter Dynasty driving by downtown. I went to the place, the staff were friendly, full of knowledge with mechanics, DMV paperwork, Helmets and Apparels, gave great suggestions, no sales pressure, and work with me on the purchasing price. You have to check out this place!! I am very happy with my scooter!! Thank you Nella n Vince" -- Edwin P. of Downey, CA (Lance Venice)

"Scooter Dynasty has great scooters at the best prices and a fantastic sales team that help you pick out the scooter you want and make sure you understand it and feel comfortable with it before you leave the store! I moved to LA two months ago and couldn't afford to buy a reliable car, so a scooter seemed like a good way to go. After doing some research, I found that Scooter Dynasty had the best prices for new scooters in Los Angeles (my scooter cost $1100 out the door). The sales associates there were very compassionate and friendly and when my scooter was ready to be picked up, they taught me how it worked and gave me driving lessons in the alley next to their building! I was able to drive the scooter home that day! I love my scooter from Scooter Dynasty; it costs $3 to fill the tank once a week (it gets about 110 miles to the gallon), I tan while I drive around, and I never wait in traffic (in the state of CA, it's legal for scooters to zip in between cars). It's exceptionally easy to operate and drive--I felt totally comfortable on it within a week--and it's a great conversation starter; I can't tell you how many times other cars will roll down their windows to tell me they like my scooter. My Scooter Dynasty scooter is one of the best investments I've ever made!" -- Liz F. of Los Angeles, CA (Baby Retro 50)

"Scooter Dynasty Go Up to 11 for Customer Service! Scooter Dynasty is a really great place, Vince and the staff are very friendly and were great at helping me find the scooter I wanted. After messing around with other scooter places it was great to find someone who is local in Downtown Los Angeles, easy to get to from the Blue Line from Pico Station and even open late. Thanks again Scooter Dynasty." -- John C. of Los Angeles, CA (BMS Evo V9)

"Hi Vince and the rest of the SD team, this comes about 6 months later than it should but I wanted to thank you for all your great service and help with my Lance Duke 250 (the white one). I finally sold it and I recommended you to the new buyer. You did such great service on the Lance Duke that you are the only scooter shop that I will go to for service for the Yamaha. I will be picking up a new helmet from you soon! You have excellent customer service. Thanks again" -- Al F. of Los Angeles, CA (Lance Duke Touring 250)

"I've been researching quality scooter businesses for ages in search of a place that wouldn't scam me. I read reviews for this company and thought I'd at least go in and check it out. I walked out with a scooter the same day! The staff was friendly, knowledgeable, and had a great amount of integrity. They gave me a break on prices, assembled the scooter for free and gave me a step by step orientation on my specific purchase. They checked every inch of the scooter by hand to make sure it was ready to go and did it in under an hour! I have a great warranty and they offered assistance after 300 miles. I'm excited about my toy but more excited to have support for it that I trust. These guys were great! And they have a cute puppy in the store to keep you entertained during assembly :) Thanks all!" -- Moxxy B. of W. Hollywood, CA (Tank Viaggio 50)

"I bought a Lance Vintage 150 from Scooter Dynasty for Christmas. When I walked into their shop their staff was friendly and greeted me even when they were busy with others. They were great at helping me find a perfect scooter, select riding gear, and even showed me how to properly inspect my new scooter before riding. This is my second time buying a scooter and I have never felt so comfortable doing so. Vin and his team were very nice and helpful throughout the process. I really enjoyed shopping for a scooter at Scooter Dynasty. I have been riding my new scooter for almost 2 months now and I am very happy with my scooter. Thank you Scooter Dynasty!" -- Will F. of Walnut, CA (Lance Vintage 150)

"Hi Vince and all....Got the scooter up and running and it runs great, also received helmet. Thank you for all the help! You have a great team! Have a very Happy Holiday, and a Great New Year !!! Thanks again." -- Marc N. of CO (Coolster ATV-3050D)

"Hello, I would like you to know, that I'm rating Scooter Dynasty on a scale of 1 - 10, a 10, keep up the great Customer Service." -- David W. of NY (Ice Bear PST150-11 Trike)

"Vince, I installed the parts this week and the scooter now starts the first try every time. Damn was that simple. It might be a good idea to install the upgrade to begin with and charge a bit more. It would make everyone happier with these bikes and in the long run save you trouble too. Thanks again for having the right product and shipping it so quickly." -- David W. of NH (150cc GY6 Electrical Power Pack)

"HI there, My daughter just loves her new scooter, It came the other day and is just beautiful, Thanks so much. When my younger daughter gets older we will be purchasing another scooter. My husband is happy with his also. We will always recommend you." -- Dee L. (Lance Charming 50)

"Thanks for your prompt service and professionalism." -- Jon O. of Madison, WI (KMD MC-04)

"My package should arrive tomorrow, great customer service." -- Harry C. of Aurora, CO (Performance Parts for Yamaha Vino 50 4t)

"Hi Nella, I received the MSO today I want to thank you for taking the time to get it for me. My kids really enjoy the ATV it's been running good. Once again thank you for all your help." -- James C. of Nampa, ID (Roketa ATV-08L)

"Thank you for the great customer service." -- Dan S. of Glen Allen, VA (Roketa Bali 150)

"Just so you know, I'm having a blast with this scoot. Vince has been really great and you guys are the bomb! I honestly can't say when the last time I've had such great customer service." -- Craig S. of Austin, TX (Lance Vintage)

"Scooter Dynasty, Thank-You for everything! I received the scooter, radio and helmet. It all arrived in excellent condition and when you said it would. The service I received from Scooter Dynasty, ordering, shipping & trouble shooting was Top Notch. I could not ask for a better experience. You have a valued customer in me. I have no problem recommending your company to anyone interested in getting a scooter or accessories. Vince in Sales was great; give him a bonus for Christmas. Thank-You!" -- Rodger W. of Austin, TX (Roketa Ranger MC-54B-250)

"Thanks, what a cool dune buggy. There is not a better buy out there, and a warranty too. Christmas will be a good one for my daughter." -- Ray S. of Houston, TX (Roketa GK-06-250)

"Thanks Vince & Nella!! The windshield arrived today in PERFECT cond!! You guys are great! I have spread the word! NOW the scoot looks like a "Demo". Having no IDea on the scoot makes people come over & ask "What it is & how much?" Looks real expensive- classy! They are real surprised to find out the details! Thanks AGAIN GUYS! I am sure I will need some other stuff in the future." -- Don W. of FL (NST Touring 150T-02)

"I just wanted to contact you back and say thanks for everything. We got the dipstick out and its running great. I'm only sad its getting cold already here as I would love to ride more. Great motorcycle, thanks! I still haven't recieved my Title yet, so I'm going to put another request on the site, but I,m mostly doing parking lot riding anyways. Thank you for the EXCELLENT service throughout. Will be highly recommended." -- Zach R. of Herndon, VA (Zongshen GS250)

"Hi Ray T. Thank you again. You just don't know the anxiety that I have been through since I ordered this bike. From the date of shipping until I got it, now I think the real fun has begun. It's nice to know that I have someone to turn to in times of trouble. Good to have you. Keep up the good job." -- Diana F. of IN (Motobravo X19)

"Wow! What a great bike! I am Well over 6ft tall and 265lbs, and this scooter is SOOOooo comfortable for me! It rides like a dream, runs like a top, almost as quiet as a mouse, looks like a million bucks, and easily puts me into the traffic lanes without crawling! I had a full dressed Harley pull up next to me and the rider commented on how nice it is! If you have any knowledge of using a wrench it is a very easy setup. The more careful you are about the adjustment, the bigger the payoff. With just a few little tweaks (all explained in an amusing attempt at English... but easy enough to follow) the bike idles well, and the mirrors are tightened down and adjusted. This bike really is the "Cadillac" of scooters! At 30mph (break in period speeds) you can hear the radio well with very little engine noise. I am so glad I called ScooterDynasty and talked with you. Once it is broken in... I may take a ride out to California on it... it is only 3000 miles and I would be comfortable on this bike. ...Ok... so I may stick around Rhode Island without doing the roadtrip, but I really like this bike.The only problem I had was finding the helmet (it wasn't with the scoot, so I would imagine it is on it's way. I kicked around the backroads here for most of the day... and the gas gauge NEVER MOVED! If I can stop laughing about gas mileage while riding it I am gonna switch my wallet to something the will hold all the money I am saving on it. Thanks Vince!" -- Jay M. of RI (Roketa Ranger MC-54B-250)

"The scooter arrived yesterday, and is in great shape. I only found a few scuffs here and there, all of which I was able to buff out. I was missing two screws to mount the headlight assembly, and the headlight bracket was mounted to the headlight backwards. I removed and replaced the bracket, and used two of the screws that were used to assemble the shipping skid to mount the light. Got the battery filled with electrolyte with no problems, charged it up, and installed the battery. Put a little gasoline into the tank, and she cranked right up. We drove her around the block a couple of times, and could not find any operability issues. I will change the shipping oil out for synthetic, as recommended, and we will be driving slowly as the engine goes through its break-in period. Thanks for a great deal! My wife really likes her new scooter, and I am very happy with the purchase. I'll be looking for receipt of the title (what is MSO?), and the Bill of Sale." -- Bob S. (Roketa Capri MC-16-150)

"Ok, I trust ya guys (why I opted for your store in the first place as your on the BBB). Thanks for all your help you guys seem really nice and professional." -- Dave L. of NM (Roketa Maui MC-08-50)

"Thanks for all of you guys great service; I will definitely deal with you all in the future!" --Aaron B. of VA (Roketa Fiji MC-04)

"I just received my orange Lance F4 Intercept in the mail last week. I ordered from Scooter Dynasty in California. Vince and the gang there were awesome. I spoke several times on the phone with him, and he helped me in anyway he could. I was a bit nervous ordering a scooter online, for fear of how it came assembled and if it would even work well. I was surprised to see that the only thing I had to do was install the mirrors and the battery. THAT WAS IT!!!!!!! Everything went well and today was the first day I took it to work. I love it, and so does everyone else. I get constant compliments on it and I can't wait to ride it home!!! This is a great scooter, and Lance so far has proven to be a great company. If youre buying a scooter online, I definitely recommend I will upload pics of myself and the scooter when I get a chance." -- Aaron M. of PA (Lance F4 Intercept)

"After weeks of searching for a scooter, Scooter Dynasty is the best in LA. Not to be confused with Scooter depot, which BBB gives them a failing mark. Scooter Dynasty get's A++. Even after my purchase I can't seem to prove myself wrong. Vince is the man, honest, knowlegable and sincere!! He show's the utmost customer service. So great product, great deal and great service!! I live in the Westside and it is worth the drive to go to him." -- GTB of CA (Lance Vintage 150)

"Great experience. The guys who work there are helpful and go out of their way to make the scooter buying process a pleasurable one. Nella guided me through the whole DMV process and helped me and my girlfriend find the right accessories. Vince took me through the whole machine and maintenance and even drove me over to an empty lot to put me through my paces on the scooter. They are very busy there and really didn't have to bend over backwards for me, but they did. OH..and by the way...great prices. If you want to help the environment and LA traffic by joining the scooter revolution, do yourself a favor and help these guys out by giving them your business." -- Steve T. of Los Angeles, CA (Lance Vintage)

"You are the best thank you soooo much!" -- Kris M. (Roketa Sicily MC-17-50)

"Thank you so much for your help. You will see my report of this bike soon on the internet, get ready for more bussiness. I love the bike. Thanks" -- Tim E. (Roketa Tonga MC-51-250)

"Hello Again! We received the bike on Friday (20th)..AWESOME BIKE! We have 3 friends that want a bike too!!!!!!!!!Can't wait to ride the bike!!" -- Paul M. of TX (Roketa MC-51 Tonga)

"Thank you so much. The scooter looks great!" -- Amy P. of PA (Lance Milan)

"Thanks for the great deal on my new orange Tank Sporty 150. As you know I ordered it on Friday May 31st and it arrived via UPS the next Friday morning, June 6th. Just seven days was very fast." -- Douglas H. of KS (Tank Sporty 150)

"Thank you for your customer service." -- Craig S. of FL (Roketa DB-27A)

"The bike is really cool, I already had it out for a spin! Much better quality than the SUNL scooter I rode last year. Assembly was easy, all the parts were included, the packaging was excellent, and the finish of the bike is very good. Thank you for keeping me informed, I would highly recommend Scooter Dynasty, and the Zongshen zs250gs!" -- Ryan K. of IL (Zongshen GS250)

"Very Nice showroom and great customer service.. was helpful 100% even after I bought and paid for my scooter!! thanks alot!!!!" -- Jason B. of Alhambra, CA (Lance Milan)

"These guys are awesome! Absolutely no pressure from the sales floor to get anything other than what you want. I purchased a scooter from them not too long ago and decided to go ahead and pick up their 3 year extended warranty (always a good idea with any automobile you get). A few weeks later I ran into a small engine problem which needed a mechanics hand and so I took it back to them and they took care of it quickly and without so much as a word of extra fees. They simply fixed the problem and sent me on my way with a smile. Vince is very professional and makes you feel like your business really matters. This is the third scooter I have purchased in Los Angeles and never have I experienced this type of service. I will definitely being doing business with them again. Great Job Scooter Dynasty!!" -- Chalon W. of Los Angeles, CA (Tank Touring 150)

"Very positive purchasing experience!! The staff at Scooter Dynasty patiently listened to my needs of a scooter, and was able to steer me towards a scooter best fit for me (including budget!). There was never any pressure to buy, as I visited the store numerous times trying to decide which of the scooter models to purchase. Also, the staff is very knowledgeable about their products; ranging from knowledge of the various manufacturers, to equipment detail. The store is set-up ready to support any vehicle it sells, as it is stocked with OEM and compatible parts; ready to maximize your scooter's "uptime." It is obvious that providing great "customer service" will continue to contribute to Scooter Dynasty's success and longevity. Great job!" -- Norm of Whittier, CA (Lance Duke Touring 150)