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Dr. Pulley
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Variator Sliding Weights, Dr. Pulley, 20mm x 12mm, 125cc - 300cc

List Price: $49.99
Sale Price: $39.99

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Dr. Pulley Sliding Weights 20mm x 12mm (8 sliders in a set)

  • Size: 20x12
  • Set of 8
  • Available in 5 Gram Through 16 Gram Weights
  • Broadens your range of gear ratios
  • Increases acceleration and re-acceleration properties
  • Increases top end speed
  • Lasts longer than standard roller weights

  • BMS - TBX 260 (uses 8 sliders)
  • Diamo - Turista 300 (uses 8 sliders)
  • Linhai - VOG260 (uses 8 sliders)
  • Malaguti - Madison 125/250
  • Roketa - MC-54B, MC-62 (uses 8 sliders)
  • Tank - 250DE-08 (uses 8 sliders)
  • Xingyue - XY260T-4 (uses 8 sliders)
  • Yamaha - Majesty 125 >2001, 250 <2001, Maxster 125, Zuma 125, Vino 125, Teos 125, X-Max 250

Dr. Pulley 20x12 Sliding Roller Weights for the Linhai 260/300, Yamaha Morphous 250, Yamaha Vino 125, Yamaha Zuma 125 and many more.

Some vehicles use eight roller weights. We recommend using 11 or 10.1 gram weights to do the best job for take-off. You may need to buy two sets.

We highly recommend that you begin by upgrading the variator roller weights before engaging in any performance upgrades. This is the simplest of upgrades and the least expensive. This is a minimal investment and offers a maximum return.

The main rule for tuning variators is the lighter the roller the more rpm's are needed to push the rolls outwards through centrifugal motion to set the gear change in motion. Heavier roller weights need lower rpm's to start moving.

Heavier roller weights = slower take-off speed, more acceleration = higher maximum speed.
Lighter roller weights = faster take-off speed, less acceleration = lower achievable speed.

The right balance is an individual choice since a scooter racer will want heavier weights to achieve a higher overall speed so that they might be faster at full throttle. For daily use a rider might prefer lighter weights for more power to take off faster at stop light.

Dr. Pulley Roller Weights -- The latest roller weights to hit the market and the most advanced weights available. These sliding rollers perform up to 20% better than standard round weights and last up to 18% longer with 22% less performance material loss. The weights have several unique features such as their composite material being nylon for faster performance.

Made of unique tribological material SL-9T and SL-9TS (oilless PA46) • Low friction coefficient / Low wear / High temperature resistance • Aluminum compatible; No abrasive fibers (glass fiber or carbon fiber) • Fastest Roller Weights available

**NOTE: Electrical, High Performance, Aftermarket items are non-returnable so please check photos and specifications before ordering.

Please see our Warranty and Returns Policy
Manufacturer: Dr. Pulley
Manufacturer Part #: 169290